Ільвянятка (ilvyanyatka) wrote,

Online classes

Coursera near 200 courses
450 free online courses - huge list from a lot of universities
Top Universities with free courses
MIT - MitX, with certificate, OpenCourseWare, 2000 classes, no certificate
World Lecture Hall (UTexas) - search online courses in all world universities

Harvard open courses, mostly bullshit
Free-Ed - a lot of classes, didn't test it, mostly ebooks and ppt
Online education database - compilation from other sources
From forum, 11 pages of courses

With certificates
From MIT -
MitX courses
Brainbench - tests, not classesses, a href=http://brainbench.com/xml/bb/common/testcenter/freetests.xml>some are free, with certificates
ALISON, didn't test yet
Education Portal Academy - just a few, but with certificate
From Forums - mostly social science and health safety

Electronic Circuit Theory from Univ of Texas
Tags: education, links, science
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